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Pregnancy training: The journey so far...

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

I have been physically active throughout my teens and twenties. As a personal trainer, I have enjoyed learning more and more about the human body over the last six years, and I particularly love putting this knowledge into practice with clients, as well as in my own training. Having trained and pushed my body through 11 marathons, rehabbed a number of injuries along the way, I know my body very well and so I know when I need to hold back and when I am capable of more.

Being pregnant is almost like throwing away everything I know about my body and starting again. My body has changed over the last 19 weeks - activities such as running that always came easily to me are much harder now. Each trimester, each week, even each day can be different and I am relearning what this new body’s limits are, when to hold back and when to push through.

Exercising throughout my pregnancy is very important to me - it has always been my biggest tool in helping me manage and improve my mental wellbeing. If I thought I was an emotional person previously, pregnancy has given that a whole new meaning. Movement keeps me sane, makes me happy and that hasn’t changed with a baby in my belly.

As well as being an incredibly hormonal and emotional time, being pregnant is such a physical change. I am literally growing another person inside me and that takes its toll! My body is changing shape, I am getting heavier and over time my centre of gravity will shift. It makes sense to me, to train my body in order to adapt to the increasing strain placed upon it. Most of my training now also includes pelvic floor and deep core activation - this way, I am not only strengthening my body for pregnancy, but for post birth recovery too.

I have yet to experience the joys of giving birth, but research shows that exercise helps achieve a quicker and easier birth - I will get back to you in another 19 weeks or so on that one!

My body has changed - my boobs are bigger, my belly is growing, I have felt sick and tired when I usually wouldn’t, and this is just the beginning. I believe that being able to train in pregnancy gives me back control. I can still feel fit and like my old self, I can do what is in my power to reduce the risk of aches and pains by staying mobile and I can keep my body strong and resilient for all that is to come!

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